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What is the SCI-Dem project?

The Association for Dementia Studies, based at the University of Worcester, is undertaking a Realist Review of how various community-based programmes can work for people with dementia and their families/carers.

We are interested in what it is about the way these programmes are carried out that means that they work (or not) when it comes to delivering them on the ground: how places, people, practicalities and particulars have a role in the success (or otherwise) of an intervention.

The aim of a Realist Review is to understand “what works, for whom, in what circumstances, in what respects and how”. In this case we want to understand what resources, processes and behaviours are needed to ensure people try a community-based intervention in the first place, get the most out of it and continue to go; or that organisers, practitioners and those supporting the intervention are able to deliver it in the most effective way to ensure success.

We will be gathering information on all manner of interventions, so long as they are community-based (serving people who live at home or in housing with care), place-based (bringing people together physically on a regular basis) and sustainable (able to keep running for years). This blog will track the progress of our research.

A full protocol (or formal “plan of action”) for this study has now been published in BMJ Open and can be found here.

UK Meeting Centres Support Programme

Keep up to date with everything Meeting Centres - community based innovation supporting people living with dementia. Find out about the latest developments including new Meeting Centres. Perhaps you will be inspired to set up a Centre in your community?

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